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The Psychic Proximity Principle

by Jason Nemrow last modified 2018-03-29 15:42

What I am about to reveal is named the way it is because a title must be interesting and alluring to get noticed in mass media. There are a lot of messages out there, promising you this and that in exchange for your attention and money. I have to compete in that marketplace, so I have to "doll things up" like everyone else.

Selling Happiness

We all want to be happier and we are willing to put down some coin in the hopes that one thing or another will produce our desired results as advertised. It can be something that cuts up your iceburg lettuce without much effort or the latest blockbuster movie, but they both peddle the fact that you will lead a happier and more fulfilled life (at least for a little while) by using their product. It is the job of a good salesman to weave a plausible enough "road to happiness" story of tomorrow to get you to spend your money today.

Instead of trying to convince you that a new car wax or a high-bouncing ball will bring you intrinsic joy, I am actually peddling what I have found to be the key to happiness itself. The main outside source I am using for this booklet, a man named Steve Jobs, reported in his Stanford commencement speech that "This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." You don't know me, but you may have heard of Steve and his success in life. He didn't seem to be into trinkets and recreations - he was into the heart of the matter: acquiring happiness itself. That is what this booklet is about.

Besides what you pay to read this, or hear me speak this, you will find that this information is quite the bargain to acquire. However, to know about this is definately not enough, you must act on the things you learn, which is a much bigger committment than mere money. I am working to better apply it in my life (do you smell a testimonial coming?) and Steve Jobs seems to have made use of similar insights and made out okay (which you should be laughing at because, by most accounts, he did far better than "okay"). We will get to Steve's success very soon and what he identified as the causes, which is likely a big part of what brought you here in the first place.

A traditional marketing stunt is to tease you constantly with tastes of the ultimate product, enticing you through the maze of a thick book or long talk to collect all the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that will fit together into your answer. This is likely to win an author, speaker, and publisher more of your coin, which is what most of these people are all about. I am going to take a break from such things and give you the complete prize right here at the beginning.

This is The Psychic Proximity Principle:
You will naturally gravitate toward a place and circumstance that actually fit you and your potential.

I worked for a long time to explain this thing that I felt was happening to me and seemed to happen to others as well. That weird name came out-of-nowhere one day and then, during one of my early morning walks a bit later, a way to explain this to other people hit me. You would be surprised at what strikes a person in the wee hours and I am frankly surprised that a big vehicle piloted by some bleary-eyed dude has not also struck me as well. So far, only epiphanies, no SUVs.

Little ideas would pop into my head. Visit this person; Walk this route to work; Say this thing to someone; Write this little story; Study this idea. At first, I ignored these inspirations as just an over-active imagination but I decided to start doing the things that were coming into my mind. Most of the time, I questioned what all of this was supposed to accomplish; its effect was so small that any particular thing I did from day to day didn't seem to matter. I played along because I am fortunate enough to embrace a religious tradition where hearing and heeding such tiny inspirations is strongly encouraged. In fact, a majority of people join my religion based on following the Psychic Proximity Principle, although couched in different terms.

Over time, the ideas and resulting actions started getting bigger and more demanding. Change jobs, Get a master's degree, Move to a new town, Write this booklet. I had become accustomed to heeding the little impressions, so it was easier to follow more challenging inspiration. To this day, I still don't know where this effort and work is leading, but I trust that it will end up somewhere good and happy and profitable, both for me and for others!

Here is how it seems to work:

The Psychic Proximity Principle works in a way similar to weak magnetism.

You know about magnetism. It is really fun to bring two magnets into the neighborhood of each other and play with the fact that, depending on their orientation, they either smack together with mutual attraction or get as far from each other as they can. These are examples of relatively strong magnetism, that can actually move things around, create electricity, and that might describe the gravity that keeps you on the ground rather than flying off into space.

Weak magnetism is attractive like the strong sort, but it just isn't as irresistible. If you played with two little "toy" magnets as a kid, you could keep them apart pretty easily with what muscle power you could muster. That was what made magnets fun! How much fun could it be if they got stuck together so firmly that you couldn't get them apart?

The weak magnetism effect involved in The Psychic Proximity Principle can become interesting "fun" as you are led gently along your own journey toward happiness. It wouldn't be as interesting, challenging, or worthwhile if you and your perfect circumstance slammed hard into each other early and irresistably! That would be boring and you wouldn't feel like you contributed anything to the ultimate product: it wouldn't be "yours".

You are attracted to your potential and your happiness, but you can easily resist it if you want. Sometimes the attraction is so weak that you have to "feel it out" to "find your way".

If you have noticed that some people look basically unhappy and never seem to "come into focus", my theory is that they are ignoring or not "feeling out" the weak magnetic pull toward greater happiness and the realization of their potential.

So, if you are unhappy:

  • You might be in the wrong place or circumstance.
  • You might be ignoring your true potential.
  • You might be fighting gravity or inertia or magnetism too much.

I still have some troubles in finding lasting happiness myself, but I am starting to figure this "gentle attraction" business out. I don't know if that magnetic pull has different strength for different people, but I have learned one thing:

Successful and happy people often describe their journey in terms that sound suspiciously spiritual or mystical.

Sometimes, they even say that these things seemed to almost find them or that they and their success just crossed paths one day. This sounds to me like magnets attracting each other. You can describe it as good luck, Karma, the love of God, whatever you like. It still seems to work no matter what it is called and it becomes incredibly reliable if you are persistent and attentive to it!

If you are not seeing this attraction working in your life, you might be embracing a societal repulsion to "the spiritual". Many of us are taught to reject things like The Psychic Proximity Principle because they seem supernatural and therefore silly. An early step needed to make this work for you is to put aside such self-defeating world-views and give something as socially "kooky" as weak magnetism your real attention and effort.

Call the phenomenon of The Psychic Proximity Principle what you will. There are several ways of describing what you will notice operating around you and everyone else all the time once you actually see it at work. Whether some preacher says that God spoke to her in a dream about something she should do, or Dr. Emmett Brown from the movie Back to the Future saw the Flux Capacitor after hitting his head on a toilet - these are manifestations of the same thing. While "intellectual" skeptics might contend that I am deifying some creative process, I can just as easily spit back that such "inspiration" is God tickling our brains toward our divine future. The difference is that the skeptic dismisses and scorns such things while the trusting person recognizes the inspiration and acts on it more readily. The functional upshot is that either you will skeptically choose not to act or you will exercise a bit of faith and act inspite of incredulity. I think anyone will tell you that action (even "crazy" action) is far superior to doing nothing.

My contention is that if you simply chalk up The Psychic Proximity Principle to some casual coincidence or "luck", you will find it difficult to recognize that this effect is happening all the time to everyone. You will disbelieve that there is a weak magnetic pull between you and some large vats of happiness. You won't follow inspiration and you will most likely miss finding your best potential that often also leads to such nice by-products as financial success. If you refuse to see it or choose not to trust it, you won't act on it purposefully and lose out on many of its benefits.

In order for The Psychic Proximity Principle to work, you have to TRUST that it will work and that it will work consistently when applied. There is a one-word term to that describes it best: FAITH. Faith happens less effectively for skeptics because, along with not believing in "crazy" things like God or a higher power, many also refuse to believe in anything as wonky as trusting their lives to weak magnetism. Many people think skepticism makes them smart, but such folk are tragically deluded. As Steve Jobs will allude to a little later on, trusting in things you can't see immediately is the key to the success that he found. I hope to dissuade skeptics from living their shallow lives in a confining box of distrust by helping them discover this weakly magnetic "power for good" that exists within ourselves.

Something out there (probably God) wants to help you reach your highest potential. Something inside you (maybe the Godly part) wants you to do that as well. The only ingredient that may be missing in realizing success in this way is your own desire to participate.

I am a practical religious person but I know most people choose not to be and think they are evolved people for it. Because of this, I call this way of leading life The Psychic Proximity Principle because I think the term helps non-spiritual people better access powerful spiritual things happening around them in a non-threatening way. If people poo-poo the "religious" flavor of these things, it can jokingly be called "psychic" and the principle still works at a basic level until you are ready to acknowledge "a higher power" or just smile and admit to a growing faith that there must be some benevolent power out there that happily fiddles around with the knobs of your life in a positive way, if you learn to play along.

My final point is that something I choose to call God is working to bring you and your best potential together, fraught with happiness and often with other by-products such as monetary success. You can call it "inspiration from the Spirit" or "weak magnetism" or "psychic proximity", but it is an absolutely reliable guide if followed. This realization lets me know (and perhaps you know as well) that God is there, that He loves us, and will always help us become better! Someday, we might figure out that we can take those promises to the bank and beyond!

Now that you are introduced to the Psychic Proximity Principle, let's explore the life and thoughts of a man that figured these things out in his own way and applied them in his own life to impressive effect. You may have heard of him - his name is Steve Jobs.

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