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by Jason Nemrow last modified 2018-03-29 15:42

I don't read a lot of books. Especially, I don't read a lot of "self-help" books. I may start on one occasionally, but I rarely finish them. They are long and obvious and written in a style designed for selling books more than actually helping anyone.

I want to make a point before we begin what I hope will be a rather short but fruitful journey: I can be a good barometer of wisdom.

Although the Internet can be a wonderful thing, it is also a dangerous source for knowledge. It used to be that if you heard the same ideas from a number of difference sources, you had probably stumbled onto some larger truth. That worked when a lot of people worked in relative isolation and came up with their own ideas.

Now that the Internet has blasted into the world of information, we have a huge problem: everyone copies a few enticing pieces of the same information everywhere. When you query your favorite search engine, you get thousands of "hits" that look exactly the same but from different places - you are getting copies that probably originated from one or two rather questionable sources. How can anyone find wisdom if only a handful of people are really speaking, and everyone else is just copying what they say over and over again and everywhere as "filler" content to "game" some search engine algorithm? That's not wisdom, that's just good web marketing!

As I said before, I don't read much, either from books or the Internet. I spend my time thinking and writing in relative isolation, like some monk in a cloister. Now, I don't see myself as God's gift to wisdom, but I will say this: if I come up with an idea in my monk-like existence and you see it from other sources as well, there is a decent chance that the common thought is an expression of some greater truth. That is why I am such a good barometer!

Beyond all else, you can know that I likely am not just endlessly copying the prattle I have heard on the Internet! I try to create my own, unique prattle.

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