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Effort toward Quality Living Rather than Accepting Substitutes

by Jason Nemrow last modified 2018-03-29 15:42

I have been writing about and encouraging the "crown standard" of chasing your potential. I fully acknowledge that most of us (myself included) are basically lazy and are unwilling to put out the effort needed to understand or meet such a high standard. It seems a common human trait that we expend most of our energy and thought on chasing short-cuts toward cheap substitutes for happiness and potential. We always want "the easy road".

Most of the "successful" people touted by "get rich quick" advertising are either assemblers or peddlers of some easy path to happiness and potential. When wealth or power is your chosen short-cut, you will find acquiring either laughably easy - most people will lay both money and acclaim at your feet to learn the "secrets" of your easy road.

People think a short-cut will be an easier road to a fulfilling future, but they forget that it will also be "cheaper". For instance, when you purchase goods at a "discount" store, you know you will be purchasing them more often because they are of inferior quality and manufacture. As opposed to the chair that is a family heirloom and was built in a way and with materials that will last for centuries, most of the furniture today is made with cheap press-board held together with wire staples, all hidden behind inexpensive fabrics and meant to last only a handful of years. This is all that matters to most people, as they have no problem with burning through many couches in a lifetime, as the "modern" person is constantly throwing things away and changing everything about them every few years anyway, chasing some marketing goal of the "good life." However, when I am speaking about something like The Psychic Proximity Principle, I am talking about the souls of people, which cannot be thrown away or replaced cheaply. The fulfilling life cannot be composed of the philosophical equivalents of press-board and staples!

People think that they would be happy with a life of ease and recreation if they had no concern for money. They fail to realize that money itself really doesn't matter greatly at all. People need someplace purposeful to go and something meaningful to do with their lives. Employment provides much of these for many people but for some, it might take more.

My son Matt is autistic. As a disabled person, he gets monthly payments from the government that cover his expenses. You would think he would spend his time lounging around, but he doesn't. He wants to do something more. He volunteers at the local museum cleaning dinosaur bones. He works at the local KFC once a week and gets a small paycheck that he takes great pride in. He helps box up food commodities for the poor once a month. He pursues art and does housework and yard-work. He could do nothing, but he chooses not to. I know these are his personal choices because I have tried to get him to do things he doesn't want to do and he won't budge at all in those cases!

You may think a life of skiing or golf will make you happy, but you will soon discover that it does not. If such things really move you, you will find yourself wandering into the territory of perhaps being a ski instructor or golf pro. Your soul needs something more than just a way to pass the time.

Although there might be something to be said for "practicing" your use of effort and drive on lesser pursuits to get experience with it, it is too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the "cheap" benefits of the experiment and settling on the result as yet another substitute for happiness. If you use real effort without the guidance of your heart, you will find yourself making decisions solely based on things like money or status, always weighing every action against some soul-sucking version of a cost/benefit analysis. You might find yourself avoiding great things like starting a family that are often challenging but reap the best rewards of the soul.

A larger goal of The Psychic Proximity Principle is to find a quality life, the sort of life that some greater power wants to steer you toward. This involves putting off the foolishness of modern society and embracing faith and trust in your potential that you can't see right now. The investment of your hard effort in this pursuit is of far greater intrinsic value than surrounding yourself with piles of easy accomplishments and the gaudy junk that mere money can buy.

The pursuit of substitutes for the pointed quest for your greatest potential will prove a waste of your valuable resources. One must deaden their soul to excel at substitutes as every honored choice (even a foolish one) demands precious effort. It takes as much energy to pursue a "cheaper" path as it does to pursue the true one - the "pursuing" is very much a labor either way, so make your effort count.

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