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by Jason Nemrow last modified 2018-05-09 06:19

There is a large difference between the universe revealed to Joseph Smith and the nation built by Brigham Young. not in opposition to each other, but to ask the question of what is necessary at it base (a few things tied to God's plan) and what can be altered (nearly everything else). This is why God's attitude about Gays and Transgenders (antithema to the Plan) likely will not change and that the Church's take on Scouting is quite fluid and can go away completely (doesn't affect the Plan at all).

The "bishops" of the past (Israel's High Priests) may be a shifting role that adjusts to the needs of God's work in the day.  Joseph Smith's vision and practice on bishops (fewer and more administrative) in relation to the United Order was never fully realized. Is this the case of a specific answer to the times that didn't work or is it the future to which we were supposed to be striving but that we made a 200-year detour and we will get to it at some point?

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